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    Question makefile

    what does a make file do?

    suppose i have the following files..


    how would i do a make file?

    thanx in advance.

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    Re: makefile

    Originally posted by trillnad
    what does a make file do?

    thanx in advance.
    It utilized the intermediate stage of creating an executable. The object file takes significance. You can compile each file at the same time to object files and link these files to machine dependant interfaces (producing a single executable), or (with makefiles) when you make changes to one single file in the group (comprising your project), you should only have to recompile that one changed file to its object file status, instead of all compiling and linking the whole project each time you make an isolated change. The makefile script manages this process.
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    Makefiles come in really handy when you have to recompile a large program

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