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    anyone avaliable

    Well there is lotz of c that i dont understand.. i was wondering if there was someone that knows c( or ncurses) that can help me gain more knowledge in c... i really work hard to learn and i really want to learn.. i dont have anything to offer.. hehe.. but im just looking for a bit of help.. if ok

    i know this is stupid.. but i know that it will help me learn and then i can help someone else learn as well...

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    Yes, we're help to help you learn, that's the purpose of the board. Post your questions here, like you have been doing.
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    I would suggest you to use the debugger in IDE like those from Borland. Using the debugger is a great way to learn how things work. It allows you to step through the code and see how the variable changes at each line of code. And you can see whether you have use the right data types etc. I can see that many beginners don't use the debugger anymore which make learning and debugging very hard.

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