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    help on protocol

    i am working on a project in which i am taking data from external machine through serial comp port (Com1/Com2).
    i am using c's outport() and inport() functions for data transfer..
    So my question is Which protocol I am using?
    for data transfer i am using 3 wire cable .
    so please let me know about protocol...

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    you can set parts of the protocol config, like odd/even parity and flow control.
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    >So my question is Which protocol I am using?
    Probably your own protocol. outportb/inportb only write/read data provided to/by the desired port. It's upto each of the machines connected through the port to interpret the data present the way they want to. This interpretation is called the protocol. So, how are you making the machines talk? This is itself the protocol.

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    i am setting the baud rate, start bit and stop bit.. and alsoparity through my program.... so that means i am using my ow protocol?

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