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    advice needed

    ok this might sound stupid.. but... everyday.. i take a look at my/read my c for linux programming book
    and i try to visuallys a programm that i can try to creat that will help me learn better.. but i dont know waht.. i cant seem to find a program that i want to code.. well there is but i dont have the knowledge to it.. and i want to code something simple and easy but good for practice.. i dont know how to start or were to start... =( any suggestions...

    (i know im all ****ed up in the head)

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    Write a program to convert between Roman numerals and inegral values. ( i.e. V = 5 if you didn't know ) Its a good exercise.

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    between photons and phonons
    u could also write program that calculates x from ax˛+bx+c=0
    where a b and c are variables so with scanf printf and math.h u can solve that thing easily of ya know something bout maths of course ;-)

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    Try to program a game, it's both fun and good for learning ^.^

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