Thread: reassigning FILE pointers & fprintf

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    reassigning FILE pointers & fprintf

    I want a way to selectively turn on & off file inputs at compile time without commenting out large portions of code. I thought I could do this:

    FILE* fileout;
    if(NoWrite)  //NoWrite = 1 means no output
    fileout = NULL;
    else if((fileout=fopen("put.out","w"))==NULL)
    printf("Could not open output file!\n");
    fprintf(fileout,"writing to output file\n");
    //many more of these, and in other places
    but I get access violations, presumably because you can't pass fprintf a NULL pointer. So what else can I do to disable opening & printing of the output file? The program I'm writing needs to operate off a CD without writing any outputs.


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    fileout = stdout;
    if(NoWrite ! = 1)
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    Cshot, unfortunately I can't write it all to stdout.

    Originally posted by Salem
    Ideally, all your logging functions should go through a separate function, so you can apply your 'NoWrite' test in a single place
    I do. I just didn't feel like posting that much detail of our code.

    So there's a NULL pointer and a NUL device? No mention of NUL in MSVC++'s documentation.

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    You could use #define to control how sections of code are used at compile time. For example:
    #define MY_DEBUG_FLAG
    FILE *fp;
    #ifdef MY_DEBUG_FLAG
        fprintf(fp, "my message");
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