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    C exam papers

    I was wondering, does anybody here have or know of any websites that have some C exam papers? I have a C exam coming up and i want to prepare.


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    There usually are questions at the end of every chapter for programming books. Do as many of them as you can.
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    hi jojo !!! very good book

    hi jojo,

    there is an excellent book called "test your c skills" written
    yeshwant kanetkar.

    it is a really good book and u get it for around 200 rupees,
    roughly 4 $.

    it has questions with answers , a really good book.
    u can
    get it in the u.s through an online book shop
    if u want any
    further details do contact me.

    sanju augustine

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    from my experiencecomments and layout are very important revision!
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