Thread: What is ";" ?

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    What is ";" ?

    I'm trying to read some data from a file. How would I read something that looks like this:

    picture frame;

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    I'm not quite sure what you mean. ; should read like anything else. Post some code. How are you trying to read from the file? And what's not working?
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    For all I know that is what the file contained

    ';' is a semicolon or ascii character 59. Perhaps you see a ';' because there is crap being spit onto the screen. I'm not sure without code.

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    int main()
      extern const int buffer_size;
      extern char buffer[];
      extern FILE *fptr;
      while ( fgets( buffer, buffer_size, fptr) != NULL)
         printf("%s", buffer);
       return 0;
    Here is one general form. The datatypes are from another file. I think I did the fgets correctly. It will read all the lines in the file (line by line) and print them on the screen.

    In general you have to:
    1) Open a file
    2) Read the contents into and array
    3) Close the file

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