Thread: Code to convert temperature

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    Code to convert temperature

    //How to convert temperature from fahrenheit to celsius or vice versa

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    double cel;
    for(int i=32; i<=212; i++)
    cel = (.555)*(i-32);
    printf( The degree "i" farenheit would be "cel" in celsius);

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    1) You have an incorrect number of { and }. For every { there is one and only one }. Without it, you have a problem.

    2) Use correct indenting and your code is much easier to read. Common practice is to indent one step for each { and to un-indent one step for each }.

    3) As per the previous thread you have, you know how to use printf, so how about you use it correctly and put in some format speficiers. %d and %f come to mind...

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    I'm sure this is a homework assignment. And I'm sure that you are supposed to fix the errors. I don't want to condone cheating but this algorithm is everywhere on the internet. Just go to google.

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