Dear experts in C,

Good afternoon to all the experts in C programming. I am Stanley, a brother of Raffy, from Obrero, Butuan City, Philippines. I wrote an e-mail because I need your help about our project called "Push-Down Automata", which I will submit it tomorrow. My classmates have no idea how to make this program because there are no computers available here in our school. Whatever we make some group studies, our ideas regarding this project are not enough because we can't implement well. Our instructor assigned this to us yesterday. Whenever we ask him about PDA, he'll just left us alone and he nothing to do but to enjoy himself.

So please, submit a full program about Push-Down Automata written in C or C++. Hope that you submit it today if you have an idea already.

Thank you and more power, God Bless!!!

Stanley A. Medina