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    Please, help

    Iím just a beginner in programming, so please donít laugh. But I need to find out how to read a ď+Ē sign from keyboard. Iím writing a C program and compiling it in Linux. Thank you very much.

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    What exactly are you asking for? It isn't exactly clear, please try to be as clear as possible. It seems like you just want to know how to type it in, which would just require you to be holding down the "shift" key while pressing "=". For other more technical questions it would also help a great deal to be more specific about your programming, like the operating system you're under and what compiler/environment you're using.

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    Actually, I find his question pretty clear. He want to be able to read characters from the keyboard (without pressing Enter).

    Sorry, but there is no good standard function for this.
    If you had Borland, you could've used getch() in conio.h.

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