Thread: pthread create and join problems

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    pthread create and join problems

    i have a daemon process that creates and joins multiple threads.

    every so often the pthread error check will fail and the program terminate.

    under what conditions would the pthread_create function fail?

    i'm really looking for some practical reasons. i believe that the code is correct.

    i'm also having problems with pthread_join hanging randomly.

    any ideas?

    TIA, rotis23

            pthread_exit(NULL);     //end of thread_function
            int res;
            int lots_of_threads;
            int num_sites;
            pthread_t a_thread[5];
            void *thread_result;
            //initialise mutex - used to synchronise linked list between threads
            res = pthread_mutex_init(&queue_mutex, NULL);
            if (res != 0){printf("mutex creation failure.\n");
            //add multiple threads
            for(lots_of_threads = 0; lots_of_threads < 5; lots_of_threads++)
                    //threads are created and started
                    res = pthread_create(&(a_thread[lots_of_threads]), NULL,
    thread_function, (void *)lots_of_threads);
                    if (res != 0){printf("create failure.\n");
            //wait for threads to finish and clean up
            printf("Waiting for threads to finish...\n");
            for(lots_of_threads = 5 - 1; lots_of_threads >= 0;
                    res = pthread_join(a_thread[lots_of_threads], NULL);
                    if (res == 0)
                            printf("Picked up a thread\n");
                    else{printf("join error.\n");

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    where can i find the error list?

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