Thread: conio.c and getch() conflict?

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    conio.c and getch() conflict?


    I use DevC++ 4. When i don't include conio.c when compiling a program, getch() gets the character at the instant i press a particular key. But if i include conio.c, then getch() only works if i press enter after pressing a particular key. Why's that? How can i fix this.



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    I don't know about Dev, but under Borland's conio.h, getch() works with no buffering -- a character is accepted everytime you press it. Maybe Dev's getch() conio.c sets everything to line buffering -- everything is accepeted only after the carriage return/line feed character is read (from the Enter key).

    I think there's no conflict in that
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    But i want to get the character code at the instant the key is pressed, not after pressing enter. And this works without conio.c being included, which i can't figure out why.

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    Is this what you mean?
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void) {
    	int letter = 0;
    	while(letter != -1) {
    		if(kbhit()) {
    			letter = getch();
    			putc(letter, stdout);

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    Dev C++

    Not sure. In my conio.h, there is this line:

    #ifndef _CONIO_H_
    #define _CONIO_H_
    #define getch getchar

    My conio.c has no reference to getch().

    However, there is a second file: conio_mingw.h. Here is a snippet:

    #ifndef _CONIO_H_
    #define _CONIO_H_
    char* _cgets (char* szBuffer);
    int _cprintf (const char* szFormat, ...);
    int _cputs (const char* szString);
    int _cscanf (char* szFormat, ...);

    int _getch (); //<-this is unbuffered!
    int _getche ();
    int _kbhit ();
    int _putch (int cPut);
    int _ungetch (int cUnget);

    #ifndef _NO_OLDNAMES

    int getch (); //<-this is buffered!

    int getche ();
    int kbhit ();
    int putch (int cPut);
    int ungetch (int cUnget);

    #endif /* Not _NO_OLDNAMES */

    So I am assuming that when the compiler sees your using conio.c, it uses the first conio.h. Otherwise it uses conio_mingw.

    But I'm just guessing there
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    hey Sebastiani thnx. I got it working now. What i did was open conio.h and delete the line

    #define getch getchar
    and open conio.c and delete the lines

    int getche() {
      int ch;
      ch = getch ();
      printf ("%c\n", ch);
      return ch;

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