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    Question converting borland c

    i have recently discovered that an old C program i wrote in college years ago, can be used as a keyword search facility for web pages.

    The program was a text file analyser (find word, most common word, index of all words etc).
    Its quite an efficient program, ive discovered i can port it to cgi (C) and capture input via a form and display onto a web page.
    The bad news is, it was written and compiled under Borland, and i can get it to run under UNIX - which i have to do first.
    i am aware of header file incompatabilities 'conio.h' and 'alloc.h', but im also having pointer (casting) problems. Im currently getting 14 error messages.

    can anybody offer any help?

    Many thanks

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    Yet another reason that borland is a poor compiler. Anyways, you may not have to change too much depending on how many conio functions you had used. Nonetheless, you may even find some sort of wrapper for these dos header files. I don't know if one exists but everyonce in a while wishful thinking turns out to be a solution.

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    Cool converting borland c to unix

    As far as i can gather (in other words may be wrong)...
    my getch() function will work if i include 'curses.h'

    But will 'stdlib.h' catch my malloc functions?

    hmmm... much chin scratching indeed.

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    getch() is not ANSI standard, but it is included in most conio.h files, and with some curses libraries.

    malloc() is ANSI, and is defined in stdlib.h

    Any more?
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