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    Wink System(" arguments") not working

    Hi there
    I've got a question regarding <b>system</b>. I'm trying to use this command to call a java.class program during execution and pass 6 parameter to this java. <br>The thing is that if I am oing this from a c-language <b>.exe</b> it works, but if I do it from a dll, which is what i need, it doesn't. I mean it works if you call commands like <b>dir /s /o:d > file.txt</b> or even <b>java</b>, but it doesn't like parameters passed in the context of a dll. <b>What code or command could I be using instead of system ( can't make <b>execl</b> towork either ). Any suggestions or ideas very mych appreciated. <b>Thanx a lot</b>

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    This link shows how to send command line parameters to an external program.

    If this does not help, be more specific.
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