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    Question a small help



    Using C could I open any file on my computer...........I was trying out this but it only worked with the file saved in the dirctory...........

    I tried to open a file on some different directory but it again redulted in "Cannot open file"

    I also gave the full path of the file like:


    but it also didn't worked

    I would be thankful if u help me out of this mess.........

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    Is your directory name more than 8 characters long?

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    From your other message
    > I've installed turboc 3.0

    This is an old compiler (really old) - you will have trouble accessing files if your operating system is win9x, NT, 2K, etc.

    You will have this problem if
    - any part of the path is a long filename
    - any part of the path contains spaces (or any other char which DOS disallowed)

    For instance, my "Program Files" directory has both a space, and is a long name. If I use explorer to look at the properties of this directory, I see the DOS filename is "PROGRA~1".

    If this is your case, then try

    if ( fp == NULL ) {
        perror( "Cannot open file" );  // find out why
        exit( 1 );
    As you seem to have access to vc++, I'd stick with that, because you're going to find more things wrong with that old compiler (wrong because its on the wrong operating system).
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