Thread: Ask about fprintf function?

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    Question Ask about fprintf function?

    I write header file "ooo.h" and want to write this below text in ooo.h

    #define X "123"

    This below is some part of my code

    FILE *outp;
    CString output_filename;
    Output_filename = "ooo.h";
    outp = fopen(output_filename, "w");
    fprintf(outp, "#define X "123" ");
    fprintf(outp, "\n");
    if (output_filename)

    When I compile program there are 2 error messages happen cause by this line
    fprintf(outp, "#define X "123" ");

    I change that line to
    fprintf(outp, "#define X 123");

    So I can compile program and it write
    #define X 123
    but I want
    #define X "123"

    If you know how to solve my problem? Please tell me.
    Thank you.

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    You'll need double quotes around the 123 ( ""123"" ).
    Also, don't put code in .h files if you are.
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