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    Unhappy ANSI C identifiers

    I have been trying to find a list of regular expressions that define identifiers in ANSI C but have gotten nowhere, can anyone give me a list????? please

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    Well there are 25 reserved words in C. Those as well as an operator precedence chart can be found in pretty much any C text/reference book. Is this what you mean?

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    If you mean bnf you can find that in a draft of the c standard.

    Under 6.4 it defines what a token is.
    There's actually a bit more than 25 keywords but they
    added a few to the c99 draft.

    You read these rules like this
    identifier: |
    identifier-nondigit ||
    identifier identifier-nondigit ||
    identifier digit

    identifier is defined to be a identifier-nondigit or
    identifier followed by a identifier-nondigit
    or a identifier followed by a digit.

    These definitions are recursive. Practictice generating
    some common identifiers in your program like this.
    identifier digit
    identifier identifier-nondigit digit
    identifier-nondigit identifier-nondigit digit
    a identifier-nondigit digit
    ab digit

    It is clear from the definition you cannot have
    identifiers having the first charecter as a number.

    The lexical stuft such as identifiers are easy to read. The
    whole c syntax is defined this way--some of it is a bit more

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