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    homework giving difficulty

    I am working on my homework code. I am having difficulty organizing. I just need the right functions(calling them is easy).
    And I don't know how to print out a table that is asked for(we go way fast in this class, I don't know why).

    here is the link for all that I have to do, it isn' t so much because they tell you what to do.

    here is my code anyways. the last function is supposed to print out a table, max of 50 stars(b/c voltage max);
    lude <stdio.h>
    float read_positive(void);
    float calc_tau(float r, float c);
    float calc_v_of_t(float v, float tua, float t);
    void print_bar(float value, float max);
    int main()
    float voltage, resistance, capacitance;
    printf( "please put in the voltage source voltage, units of volts" );
    scanf( "%f", &voltage );
    printf( "please put in the resistor resistance, in ohms units" );
    scanf( "%f", &resistance );
    printf( "please put in the capacitance" );
    scanf( "%f", %capacitance );
    return 0;
    float read_positive(void)
    printf( "Please put in a real number" );
    scanf( "%d", &r );
    return r;
    float calc_tau(float r, float c)
    { float r, c, tau;
    printf( "please put in your resistor resistance in units of kiloohms
    for an accurate answer" );
    scanf( "%f", &r );
    printf( "please put in your capacitance in units of micofarads for
    an accurate answer" );
    scanf( "%f", &c );
    tau = r * c;
    return tau;
    float calc_v_of_t(float v, float tua, float t)
    printf( "and please put in the time for the circuit to run as a
    closed circuit, units of seconds" );
    scanf( "%f", t);
    v = v - v*(e^(-t/tau);
    return v;
    void print_bar(float value, float max)
    I talked to my TA about it, but they sometimes don't make any sense. they communicate different, sometimes they do though.

    void print_bar(float value, float max) is supposed to print that table like:

    Time Voltage
    0.00000 0.00000
    1.00000 3.83796 *******
    2.00000 7.08672 **************
    3.00000 9.83673 *******************
    4.00000 12.16457 ************************
    5.00000 14.13504 ****************************
    6.00000 15.80301 *******************************
    (and so on

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    and this is very rough draft, I know I need to declare variables and all. I just have trouble conceptually at times, and then putting what I understand into the code. I understand I will need a "while" loop in my main() code, merely because I saw someone do it.

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    You should run a LOOP to deal with time;
      if (starTime > endTime)
         cout>>"Invalid time range!";
      While (startTime <= endTime)
              /* call those functions to perform
                 calculation here*/
            startTime++;  /*increment time*/  
    [code tags added by ygfperson]
    Hope you get an idea!

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    From homework link:
    CIE Fall 2002 Homework #2
    Transient Circuit Analyzer
    Due Date: September 13, 2002, 5:00 pm Central Daylight Time
    Nothing like getting an early start on the old homework assignment!

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    hey, I started on Wednesday! But my knowledge is not that good so I am stuck.

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    Still as the saying goes...

    Procrastination on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours..

    Where are your function calls in main??
    Mr. C.

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