Thread: Average Rainfall Program Errors

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    Average Rainfall Program Errors

    I had some help writing this program that gives the average rainfall, it says 1 error but there appears to be 3...could someone correct it for me, here is my program and exactly what the compiler said:

    #include <stdio.h>;

    int main(void)
    int april = 12, may = 14, june = 8;

    printf("The average Rainfall for April is %d april\n", april);
    printf("The average Rainfall for May is %d may\n", may);
    printf("The average Rainfall for June is %d june\n", june);
    printf("The average Rainfall for all three months is %f.\n", ( (float)(april + may + june) / 3) );
    return 0;

    --------------------Configuration: rainfall - Win32 Debug--------------------
    c:\documents and settings\arcview1\desktop\rainfall.cpp(1) : warning C4067: unexpected tokens following preprocessor directive - expected a newline
    C:\Documents and Settings\arcview1\Desktop\rainfall.cpp(11) : warning C4508: 'main' : function should return a value; 'void' return type assumed
    C:\Documents and Settings\arcview1\Desktop\rainfall.cpp(12) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'return'
    Error executing cl.exe.

    rainfall.exe - 1 error(s), 2 warning(s)

    thanks for your time and help,

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    1)#include <stdio.h>;
    Leave out the semicolon.

    return 0;
    Put return 0; inside your main function.
    Try not.
    Do or do not.
    There is no try.

    - Master Yoda

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