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    Hey there, I haev been looking everywhere and I am unable to find a solution. I was wondering if it was at all possible to list files in a directory without having to make a loop of some sort and having to strcat() a string of some sort and checking if the file exists using fopen. If anyoen could help me li9st files in a directory it would eb MUCH appreciated, thanks.

    Daniel Wallace (

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    Check out FindFirst() and FindNext() (It might be FindFirstFile and FindNextFile, can't remember...)

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    It's FindFirstFile and FindNextFile (for win32)

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    >>. I was wondering if it was at all possible to list files in a directory
    This is OS dependant. You didn't state which OS/compiler you are using, nor I expect, did you do a board search before posting your question. Try hunting down the answer first, it has been asked before.
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    Red face

    I take it your using Debian/gcc and not windows?

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    Haha, sorry about that.

    Yes TheWJM :P I am using Debian Potato, latest release and the latest gcc. I know I can use the system() command and perform "ls", but that is slow and doesn't return the listing into the program.

    Well, that's the additional information I forgot to include last time. Thanks.

    Daniel Wallace (

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    Thank you for that, it is exactly what I wanted :)

    Your help is much appreciated :) I look forward to reading this forum and helping out wherever I can.
    - Daniel Wallace

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