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    Question Simple Question I Think

    I am trying to expand my reference library for C, and was currious if I could get some input from those you who are actually good at this, as to what you feel are some of the better reference books I should have.

    I am looking for two categories

    1) Reference so I am not bothering everyone on the board with those simple questions

    2) Education, to help teach me more and expand my C knowledge further.

    I have looked at the FAQ and saw the few recommended there, are there others, or would these pretty well cover what I need. I am very new at this, with only the most basic understanding of the language, but would really like to learn more. So I was hoping some of you might have some insight into what books might be benificial for me.

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    Wrox's C book by Ivor Horton is a good educational book.

    Also, K & R's classic The C Programming Language is a must.

    Mr. C.

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