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    Originally posted by Dr. Bebop
    There's no point in using trick questions unless you want your students to miss them. The last time I checked people didn't go to school to pass or fail, they go to learn. There's no practical application for knowing that ^^ doesn't exist, so it's a stupid question, you don't get anything from having it.

    I think most students of Mr. C will get F grade for his class.
    His proposal C test is kinda tough and trick questions for
    newbie I guess. This would lead them to drop the class soon
    after the first test, especially to a newbie like me.
    Learning a prgramming language most important is to practice
    coding regularly and do experiments. I personally dont care much about to make a Big grade on Test or Exam.


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    >>I think most students of Mr. C will get F grade for his class.
    With the effort needed to show Mr C the undefined behaviour problems in his first few posts, I'd question the fact he's even a teacher. Maybe he's just a student doing his homework in a sneeky way
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