Thread: Man, I'm on a windows machine

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    Man, I'm on a windows machine

    I haven't used this computer and happen to be doing homework on it right now. It's a nt machine and I know how to log in, but I have never used the text editor on this in a while.

    here are some sample commands, I have x-session, but I think I have tel-net with which to send the homework.

    we use commands like gcc to compile and a.out to run the program. here are some sample commands, man I don't know how to even get into this system to work with my file.
    Please add the following line to the end of your .cshrc file to make gcc work:
    " source /usr/ui/class/aux/gcc_setup
    Log out
    Log back in.
    If you are unsure about doing this, please see one of the TA's for help.
    If you get a message like this AFTER completing the above instructions:

    gcc: SB error: cannot find exe /usr/local/bin/gcc
    please see the TA as soon as possible."

    I also have this homework problem, and it seems like I need to have a "for" loop for this one here it goes:

    "Problem 4.14 from the Deitel and Deitel textbook modified as follows. The program should take a single integer as input for the number of values to include in the table. When the table is complete, the user should be asked for a value again so that they may print a new table. If the value that is entered is -1 (the sentinel) the program should stop. "

    Problem 4.14 reads like this: I want to make a program that calculates the factorial for a number, and need to print the results in tabular format. Here are some results of what it supposed to print out like after you enter a number

    1 1
    2 2
    3 6
    4 24
    .... and so on... and I need to make a case for when the user puts in 0.

    Man, I'm sorry for comming so late. I did work on it yesterday, this is my 6th class and I never learned C programming before and we are in the 4th chapter so I will cut myself some slack cause I have 3 other engineering classes. this is the pits. anyone who has the sympathy to help, I would appreciate it. I came here before too. I'm John

    Now I'll see how to log into this system

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    wait, is there a factorial function in C? My teacher said their wasn't, but this "Sams" book I have shows one for it in an example. Weird.

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    They probably wrote one. AFAIK, there's no factorial function built into C.

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure that 0! is 1.

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    how did you all get so good at C, I bet some of you have been doing it for a while, but this sucks when I have to learn in a graded system. less fun!, but I can still have it.

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    where can I learn how to use a windows machine for my program.? I am so basic, this is sorry. This is my first week of programming, give me a break.

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