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    Re: here it might help

    >>>>>you can just use an array of function pointers and use the number input by the user as the index in the array<<<

    Can you give an example of this?


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    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    void func1( int);
    void func2( int );
    int main()
     void (*f[2])(int) = { func1, func2 };
     int choice;
     printf("Enter an input:");
     scanf("%d", &choice );
     (*f[ choice ])(choice);
          return 0;
    void func1( int num)
     printf("you entered %d.So function 1 was called\n", num);
    void func2( int num)
     printf("You enterd %d.SO function2 was vcalled", num );
    This ia an example for array of pointer to a function.A question for
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    Originally posted by datainjector
     (*f[ choice ])(choice);
    Actually, you can do

    f[choice]( choice );

    You don't have to explicitly dereference

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