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    Hi there. I'm a bit confussed. Theoretically i know what's the meaning of EOF but practically not really. So, have a text that i read with getchat and in an IF structure have the condition (c=getchar)!=EOF. The program doesn't finish untile i break it by myself. how does the program know when to stop? what if i want to stop when i'm done with the text i want to input?

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    On unix like systems the EOF indicator is entered by typing the sequence

    <return> <ctrl-d>
    on system like VAX VMS, DOS and windows use
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    F6 works as well in DOS

    The EOF is a signal your operating system sends the program to tell it that the file is done. If you redirect your input from a file, the EOF should occur eventually. Same if you input from a FILE *. The exception is when you type into standard input.

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