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    typedef struct question

    I am trying to incorporate some OpenGL code into my Kylix3 app, and have run across a difficulty not with OpenGL or Kylix, but C of all things.

    in Kylix, there is the following typedef:
    typedef struct QWidget__
    int dummy;
    } *QWidgetH

    Now, I have a function that returns me a QWidgetH *, and I have another function that needs to have a QWidget__ * passed into it. My problem is:

    What the heck does that typedef mean? I am familiar with 'tagging' a struct so you can reference it from within the struct.... but this is strange. What does:

    typedef struct a__ {int dummy} *a mean? What do you think is the proper incantation of *'s and &'s to massage my QWidgetH * into a QWidget__ *?

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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    struct x { };l

    Define a structure named 'x'.

    struct x { } y;

    Define a structure named 'x', and create an instance of it, called 'y'.

    typedef struct x y;

    Define a new type, called 'y', which is of type 'struct x'.

    So, if I want an instance of this last item:

    struct x myInstance;


    y myInstance;

    They're the same thing.

    Any questions?

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