Thread: mvc++ 6.0 scanf probs

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    mvc++ 6.0 scanf probs

    I'm just starting and working on some very easy programs. I was doing a few little programs that use the scanf() function, such as taking the input of 4 numbers and printing out the average or a program that subtracts 2 numbers from one another, and couldnt get anything to work. I'm using ms visual c++ 6.0 on win98.

    So then I tried this program:
    #include <stdio.h>

    int a;
    scanf("enter a value %d ", &a);
    printf("a contains %d ", a);
    return 0;

    The value of a (and all values I try scan f'ing in) ends up being something ridiculous like -823460123. Any ideas what is up with this? This thread says scanf has this my case?

    I've tried the suggestions in these threads:

    and another 1 I cant find the link to now. Any help appreciated.

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    This is how you should use scanf:
    int main(void){
        int a = 0;
        printf("Enter a value ");
        scanf("%d", &a);
        printf("a is %d\n", a);
        return 0;
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    >>This is how you should use scanf:
    You should also check the return code from scanf() to ensure it did what you asked it to.
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    Thanks guys, that seemed to do it. Is it because I wasn't initiallizing a to 0?

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    No, your major problem is that you are trying to use scanf for both input and output.

    scanf: inputs (scans in) values
    printf: outputs (prints out) values and/or strings of text

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