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    Question Multiple files using RHIDE

    I've recently started using RHIDE and it's been great so far but I'm having some trouble with multiple module projects. Basically I need to tell RHIDE to compile two files at the same time. e.g. at the DOS prompt I would type "gcc bleh.c other.c -o bleh.exe". I have the two files open in the editor and try Make All from the menu, but it has various errors (errors which do not occur if I try compiling from the DOS prompt!!) I am sure there is an easy way to fix this but my attempts to find a solution in the Help have been unsuccessful. If anyone could give me a hand I'd be very grateful

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    You need to create a project.

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    I can't create a project for some reason. I assume you have to 'Add File' from the project menu, but this is always grayed out.

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    Have you done everything right?

    I don't if it's helpful, but this are all the steps:
    1. DOS Prompt
    2. rhide myproject
    3. press <INSERT>
    4. write myproject.c
    5. press <ENTER> then <ESC>
    6. have fun

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