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    Searchinh With In A String

    how can you search threw a string more than once? im working on a program where you can type in options on the command line o type them when the program starts. how could i serach for the command flag and the arg?

    why doesnt this work?
    while(input[x] != EOF) {
    	if(input[x] == '-' && input[x+1] == 't') {
    		x+= 3;
    		while(input[x] != ' ') {
    			temp[y] = input[x];
    or better yet is there a way to take the input string and turn it into something argv in main?

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    >how could i serach for the command flag and the arg?
    What you have would work if you changed the outer loop test. When testing for the end of a string you check for the nul terminator, '\0'. Or you could use strstr to search for the letter combinations:
    if ( ( arg = strstr ( input, "-t" ) ) != NULL ) {
      arg += 3;
      while ( !isspace ( *arg ) )
        temp[y++] = *arg++;
    As for taking both command line and program input, you could check argc at the beginning of the program. If argc is equal to 1 then there are no command line arguments and you should take program input, otherwise process argv.

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    im checking for the argc count in my prgram, thanks anyways...

    and with your idea of using strstr, the pointer address the individual character? this could simplify things
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    strstr returns a pointer to the first character of the substring you're looking for, or NULL if it is not found. Example:

    ptr = strstr( "hello there", "the" );

    The pointer will point to the t.

    If you are just looking for a single character each time, you could always use strchr which works exactly the same way, except the second argument is a single character:

    ptr = strchr( "hello there", 'l' );

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