Thread: Lookinf for a good NON beginner book

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    Lookinf for a good NON beginner book

    Can anyone reccomend a good book, not so much for learning C, but as a good reference for an intermediate to advanced programmer?


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    My first impulse is to say The Standard C Library by P.J. Plauger. It is most certainly not a beginner's book and has oodles of professional quality non-trivial source code examples.

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    >good reference

    Hm, if that be the case then I recommened C: The Complete Reference. My copy is the second edition, and it was written in 85 if I'm not mistaken. Even still I'm very surprised at how current it remains. [Then again, I use DJGPP, so take this with a grain of salt]. Perhaps there is an edition specific to your platform.
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    Look out for C Unleashed by various authors
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    If you know c then a referance such as this will probably be

    This has nothing to do with c but
    I would recommend an algorithm or
    data structure book. You can probably find a good one at just make sure that you read the reviews.

    Some of this depends on your mathematical background and how
    much time you are going to devote to studying it. If you don't
    have a teacher, learning of this stuff will be really hard.

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    I say practice

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