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    GNU Public Domain Compiler

    Hi. I have the software for a GNU public domain compiler, and I tried installing it on my OS, but I can't get to the compiler, it says I need to create a folder called /djgpp so I did, it says I need to unzip all of the files in that directory ( in their own folders of course), so I did, and it said I needed to add two commands to AUTOEXEC.BAT in the system configuration utility, so I did, after I restarted the computer and went back to the help file to see what to do next, it said that there was supposed to be a Bin folder created by the installation which contained DJGPP.ENV, but there was no bin folder and I know I installed it correctly. I run Windows 98, and it is a GNU Public Domain Compiler, (DJGPP), can anyone help me?

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    re: djgpp installation

    You should have a file called "Install.log" - check that and see what directories have been created and files installed.
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