Thread: slight math problem sorry

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    slight math problem sorry

    Ok guys I know this is a programming site and my problem is math but I don't know any math sites,
    Therefor I'm asking for your help my problem is.

    give your answer as fraction or decimal as appropriate.

    where A = 4t + h
    t + h

    find A when t = 2 and h=3.

    Now from what I remember I can answer this as a fraction or a decimal but I can't remember which is appropriate and why. I'm given the answer as 2.2 (a decimal) and not a fraction why not a fraction or why is a fraction not appropriate.

    thanks for your help (leaner wanting to ba a master).

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    that should be 4t + h / t + h

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    I'm assuming you meant (4t + h) /( t + h).

    I don't think there is a right or wrong way to give an answer.

    2.2 = 11/5 = 2 1/5
    They're all the same in my eyes. I prefer 11/5 though because it is easier to work with when you have to pass the result to more formulas.
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