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    Unhappy help me in conversion using pointer

    hey guys help me in my conversion in dollar to peso nd peso to dollar i cant make it for just one night to analyze im not good in programming actually , im still studying right now this is my assignment .plssssss do help me........

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    We help those who help themselves. Please post your attempts first and we'll guide you through.
    Try not.
    Do or do not.
    There is no try.

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    You would need the exchange rate (i.e. - the value of 1 peso the the USD). Go here to work this out.

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    1.00 MXN Mexico Pesos = 0.102659 USD United States Dollars

    1 peso = .102659 * 1 dollar

    1 dollar = (1/.102659) * 1 peso

    replace 1 with any number you want and plug it in to get
    the values on both sides...

    dollars = (1/.102659) * pesos

    where pesos is a variable whose values are known
    and do it reverse too

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