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    Draw Shapes.

    Hello. i am currenty making a project and i am using a graphic LCD
    (seiko 128x128). what i want now is more related to programming
    than electronics, so i decided to post my question here.

    so, this is my questions, i want to make some functions in C that
    will make my life easier when it comes to draw some shapes. for
    example someone gave me the Bresenham Algorithm in order to
    draw lines. now, i would like to know what algorithms exists for
    drawing circles and eclipses. it would be good to know if there
    are other algorithms for creating more complex shapes, like draw
    many lines together, so that they can create a new shape.
    that's all. thanks a lot and i apologize for my bad english.

    Draw lines : Bresenham Algorithm
    Draw circle : ?
    Draw eclipse : ?

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    >Draw circle : ?
    >Draw eclipse : ?

    I don't know about the quality of those pages. If they do not work out for you there are plenty more on google.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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