Thread: Can someone find out what i'm doing wrong?

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    Question Can someone find out what i'm doing wrong?

    Hi, I posted a very similar program to this one recently, but i'm still having trouble getting it to work. What i want to do is simply take text from a .txt file and have its contents copied to the console window. Now what's really baffling me is when I run this program in the debugger(MSVC++ 6.0), it tells me fscanf, and printf return a 1, and my if statement says if the function doesn't return a -1 to go ahead and process the next statement. Yet for some reason it skips the statements and only goes through the functions once. This is such a simple program and i'm still baffled. Well here's the code, if anyone knows what the problem is i'd greatly appreciate some help.

    #include <stdio.h>
    FILE *stream;
    int main()
    	char txtstring[1000];
    	int cntr = 0;
    	stream = fopen("teachers.txt","r");
    	if( fscanf(stream,"%c",&txtstring[cntr]) != -1)
    	cntr = 0;
    	if( printf("%c",txtstring[cntr]) != -1)
    	return 0;

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    If you want to print the whole .txt file you must have the read (fscanf) function in a loop.

    EDIT ...

    Here's the example:
    FILE *fin = NULL;
    char character;
    fin= fopen ("teachers.txt","r");
    while ((fscanf (fin, "%c", &character)) != EOF)
        printf("%c", character);
    fclose (fin);
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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks, that solved the problem. I can finally move away from this program and on to bigger and better things. lol

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