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    Exclamation Hi, where do I start to learn?!

    Hi everyone,

    I am john and I'm a college student who is going to take a university class in about a week and a half. I am going to be learning C language primarily. Where do I begin, with the tutorials right off this site on the homepage? If any of you have an idea as the best way to prepare myself and learn, especially in this short about of time, and for the rest of the semester, please tell me. Thanks a lot and I need replies!

    Peace, John

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    it's me John again,

    I am also working on a school computer, and it is called "X-session", I think you call it "NT" type of setup. I am really not to fancy with computers and types of programmings and am just learning.

    I get a "terminal" window, and it gives me a prompt that says
    "l-ecn015%". I have all types of problems deleting mistakes from my text and all that. I know how to start a program, I type "vi file(name of file, just me here).c" I know how to compile it too, type "cc ..." and the rest is filename. but I can't edit it. maybe I should use a text editor before I go to the "terminal" window, but I should have better control in the terminal window when I make mistakes. Hm, hope someone out there can get me some place to deal with this, or had the same problem.

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    A quick person can learn the basics of C in about a week, provided they are familiar with programming in general they can write useful programs quickly. The best option is always to get several good books and read them. I would recommend the following for starting out:

    The C Programming Language. Kernighan & Ritchie
    Pointers on C. Kenneth Reek

    And maybe a book on algorithms and data structures, I've found Algorithms in C by Robert Sedgewick to be wonderful. It would also be a good idea to read these boards both by studying the code and responses in current threads and older threads by using the search utility. That's what it is there for and you can find a wealth of knowledge and experience merely by reading what we've posted.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    So, you're accessing a Unix box, with no clue how to use it

    vi is an editor. Learn about it here.

    You can change your backspace key using stty settings. See here for an example.

    Have fun
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    thanks folks,

    there is a lot to learn. I'm sure you all have talked a lot of the road bumps I have or will have.

    I am working in the text editor now, it's a lot easier.
    Right now I have this really neat book called
    "Teach yourself C programming in 21 days" by Aitken and Jones, it's a "Sams Premier" book. I like that short time, 21!

    I did some programming in fortran(very outdated) and some matlab, that experience is better than nothing.

    only thing I am doing right now is trying to do the standard(as my advisor told me) "hello world" program. I got it saved and all, but this book told me to run it by just typing "hello"(my filename is hello.c). I did that at the prompt in the "terminal" but got
    "hello: Command not found." Till later, I'll get to that link on how to work in the terminal for UNIX and see what I can do.
    Thanks again.

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    neva mind brothas and sistas,

    I got it solved when my friend came by. I only had to type "a.out" and it executed. I'm ready to go!

    I like this place, I"ll check this out again maybe later, peace, John

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    Read the book and learn vi or emacs. With emacs you can do this:

    emacs prog.c

    Than it will open the editor. To save type Ctrl-x-s, that is hold Ctrl and type x than type s, than release Ctrl. To exit emacs type, Ctrl-x-c.

    To compile your program on the console type:

    gcc -o prog prog.c

    Than to run the program type:


    A good way to gain experience is to answer some of the questions on this board.

    Preludes book suggestions are good ones. I have not read either of those book, but I do own them! I know that they are good based on book reviews.
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