Thread: Passing an array of structs to a function

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    Passing an array of structs to a function

    i'm passing an array of structures to a function for reading values into it, the prototype is

    void read(structure *record);

    In main() i create the array of a structure by using

    structure record[100];

    When i make the call to the function, i get a general protection fault or a blue screen error. any ideas as to why this is happening? here is my call


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    Looks alright. You'll have to post more code.

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    this is part of the code, i commented the line that causes the problem. btw, the same problem happens with each different function call, the program started fine when i commented the function calls out.
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    /*create the structures for the array*/
    typedef struct 
      char first_name[16];
      char last_name[16];
    } name;
    typedef struct 
      name name_struct;
      char city[50];
      char state[2];
      long int zip_code;
    } info_stuff;
    FILE *fptr;
    /*function prototypes*/
    void read(info_stuff *record);
    void search(info_stuff *record);
    void print(info_stuff *record);
    int main() 
      info_stuff record[100];
      int option = 0;
      /*open a file to read from*/
      if ( ( fptr = fopen("a:\\somefile.txt", "r") ) == NULL )
      /*print the menu and let the user choose*/
      while ( option != 4 ) 
        printf("\n1. Read.\n"
               "2. Search.\n"
    	   "3. Print.\n"
    	   "4. End\n"
    	   "Enter your selection: ");
        scanf("%d", &option);
        /*call the corresponding function for the option*/
        switch ( option ) {
          case 1:
            read(record);    /* causes general protection fault */

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    read(record); /* causes general protection fault */
    Let's see the definition of read() then.

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    void read(info_stuff *record) {
      int i = 0, j;
      while( !feof( fptr ) ){
        fscanf(in, "%s%s%s%s%ld\n", &record[i].name.last_name, &record[i].name.first_name, 
    &record[i].city, &record[i].state, &record[i].zip_code);
        for( i = 0; i < 2; i++ ) {
          if ( record[i].state[j] >= 'a' && record[i].state[j] <= 'z' ) { record[i].state[j]+='A'-'a'; }
        //printf("%s, %s\n%s, %s %ld\n", record[i].name.last_name, 
    record[i].name.first_name, record[i].city, 
    record[i].state, record[i].zip_code);

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    > int i = 0, j;
    j is uninitialised....

    > for( i = 0; i < 2; i++ )
    I think you meant j here
    i is your main index through the record array

    > if ( record[i].state[j]
    This is where the uninitialised j really hurts

    > i++;
    This should be inside the while loop, otherwise you'll never use all the record slots.

    In addition, it should be
    while( i < 100 &&
              fscanf(in, "%s%s%s%s%ld",
              &record[i].zip_code) != EOF ) {
    This handles EOF properly, and prevents you from running off the end of the array.

    One more thing, I think read is a reserved function name.
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