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    i have this code:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <bios.h>
    void StandardVideoMode(int mode)
    	asm{move ax,mode
    		int 10h
    int main()
    	return 0;
    im trying to get to videomode (im starting to learn some graphics programming)

    and it gives me the following:
    gra.c: In function 'StandardVideoMode':
    gra.c:6: parse error before '{' token
    gra.c:7: invalid suffix on integer constant

    what to do ?

    my compiler is djgpp(2.3 ?)/gcc

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    Do you mean 10 hexadecimal? In c++ this is notated not with the "h" but instead with a 0x prefix. So try A as that is the hexadecimal equivalent to 10.

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    asm{move ax,mode int 10h}
    Try using parantheses
    asm{move ax,mode int 10h}
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    Try it this way, though it may be compiler specific. I've had more success in using shorts than chars

    unsigned char mode;
    /*  or */
    short mode;
          mov ah,00h   ; set mode function
          mov al,mode ;  your desired mode with char
          mov al,byte ptr mode ; your desired mode with short 
          int 10h
    I doubt that this will work with a 32 bit compiler. You'll need something that creates 16 bit apps for dos.
    I haven't used a compiler in ages, so please be gentle as I try to reacclimate myself. :P

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