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    Question Passing a pointer to a struct

    The book I have on this is completely useless (even it's examples don't work).

    I am trying to pass a pointer to a structure to a function.

    This is the structure:

    struct cavestruct {
       int number;
       int door[3];
       bool visited;
    } cave[200];
    how would I pass this (either as a pointer or in its entirety) to another function?

    ie. how would I change this (keeping the values already being passed)...

    result=find_path(start_position, 79);
    Maybe I should just leave it as a global variable...

    P.S. To declare a pointer to an array of structures is it necessary to create an array of pointers or can I just declare one pointer to point at the address of the first element?

    Thanks muchly...

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    This may not be 100% but should show you roughly how to go about this.

    typedef struct
    int iSize;
    char sLocation[64];

    MY_STRUCT MyStruct[200];

    int FindThat(MY_STRUCT **Data,int iIndex);

    (This should send the whole array)

    //In FindThat() Function declare a pointer to use in locking down the array
    MY_STRUCT *pData;
    //Lock it to the pointer

    //use the array like

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    struct cavestruct {
    int number;
    int door[3];
    bool visited;
    } cave;

    typedef cave v;

    then in ur main program u
    int main () {

    v *x;
    x = (v *)malloc(200*sizeof(v));

    Now u can pass this pointer to an function.

    Now for cave[0]......................................cave[199] u could use the structure by incrementing the pointer.

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