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    Hi guys,

    I need to print on a standard printer via COM port.... The device i programm has only a serial port and it is an barcode scanning device and it connects via access point to a server where my prog runs (it's only a terminal)....please if anyone has an idea...


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    if its a barcode scanner dont you need to be able to read from the COM port not write to it?
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    Altough it's only a barcode scanner it has its own OS (also screen)and its a bit more complicated than a normal bscanner... you can telnet from it through an accesspoint to a server...then it runs as an terminal for my programm... the COM port is used for configuring the scanner... and i need it to print through it to a standard printer...maybe jus general ideas for printing through COM port would be usefull to me...

    anyway thanx


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