Thread: Internet Programming with C?

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    Internet Programming with C?

    Is it correct to call internet programs made with C, CGI? I know most CGI are made with PERL, but I already know C, so why not use C, right?

    Anyway, does anyone have any good resources or information on programming internet stuff using C? (or C++, since I'm going to learn that soon enough anyway)


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    CGI is just an interface - it has nothing to do with the language you use to implement that interface.

    CGI is fairly text oriented, which is why text friendly languages like PERL and PHP are commonly used, but there is no reason why C cannot be used.

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    Re: Internet Programming with C?

    Originally posted by CEOSion
    but I already know C, so why not use C, right?

    PERL is not that much different to C in terms of logic and syntax, so if you already know a bit of C, PERL is easy enough to pick up. Using PERL would just make life easier IMO.

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    While that may be true, I can't stand to have too many things floating around my head... learning PERL would add to the number of things I'm already struggle to keep hold of, and I don't plan on stopping my knowledge base yet, so PERL doesn't featch a high-priority if I don't need it. I'm sure as a fellow programmer you must know the feeling I'm talking about? (unless your a single-language kinda programmer, but really it's a pretty general feeling... just that feeling that if you cram anything else that you don't need to, it'll all fall out the other end. )

    I went to that CGI Directory link you gave Salem, thanks, I'll check out the listing to for general C/C++ knowledge if for anything. I never pass the opportunity to expand knowledge, if mentally and physically possible.

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    CEOSion, if you brain feels full, it's probably because you are trying to memorize too much. Just try to understand how things work and look up the details as you need them.

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