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    Self contained help

    I found this text file on the internet recently(see below) and it got me wondering: Is there a self contained help file that i could use to look up and help remember these functions and def. Like some kind of .chm file? I have searched around the net and found nothing like it. any ideas?

    Standard C functions defined by ANSI
    abort()             abs()               acos()              asctime()
    asin()              assert()            atan()              atan2()
    atexit()            atof()              atoi()              atol()
    bsearch()           calloc()            ceil()              clearerr()
    clock()             cos()               cosh()              ctime()
    difftime()          div()               exit()              exp()
    fabs()              fclose()            feof()              ferror()
    fflush()            fgetc()             fgetpos()           fgets()
    floor()             fmod()              fopen()             fprintf()
    fputc()             fputs()             fread()             free()
    freopen()           frexp()             fscanf()            fseek()
    fsetpos()           ftell()             fwrite()            getc()
    getchar()           getenv()            gets()              gmtime()
    isalnum()           isalpha()           iscntrl()           isdigit()
    isgraph()           islower()           isprint()           ispunct()
    isspace()           isupper()           isxdigit()          labs()
    ldexp()             ldiv()              localeconv()        localtime()
    log()               log10()             longjmp()           malloc()
    mblen()             mbstowcs()          mbtowc()            memchr()
    memcmp()            memcpy()            memmove()           memset()
    mktime()            modf()              perror()            pow()
    printf()            putc()              putchar()           puts()
    qsort()             raise()             rand()              realloc()
    remove()            rename()            rewind()            scanf()
    setbuf()            setjmp()            setlocale()         setvbuf()
    signal()            sin()               sinh()              sprintf()
    sqrt()              srand()             sscanf()            strcat()
    strchr()            strcmp()            strcoll()           strcpy()
    strcspn()           strerror()          strftime()          strlen()
    strncat()           strncmp()           strncpy()           strpbrk()
    strrchr()           strspn()            strstr()            strtod()
    strtok()            strtol()            strtoul()           strxfrm()
    system()            tan()               tanh()              time()
    tmpfile()           tmpnam()            tolower()           toupper()
    ungetc()            va_arg()            va_end()            va_start()
    vfprintf()          vprintf()           vsprintf()          wcstombs()
    Additional C numeric functions defined by NCEG
    feclearexcepts()    fegetenv()          fegetexcept()       fegetprec()
    fegetround()        feprocentry()       feprocexit()        feraiseexcept()
    fesetenv()          fesetexcept()       fesetprec()         fesetround()
    Additional C functions defined by Posix.1
    access()            alarm()             cfgetispeed()       cfgetospeed()
    cfsetispeed()       cfsetospeed()       chdir()             chmod()
    chown()             close()             closedir()          creat()
    ctermid()           cuserid()           dup()               dup2()
    execl()             execle()            execlp()            execv()
    execve()            execvp()            _exit()             fcntl()
    fdopen()            fileno()            fork()              fpathconf()
    fstat()             getcwd()            getegid()           geteuid()
    getgid()            getgrgid()          getgrnam()          getgroups()
    getlogin()          getpgrp()           getpid()            getppid()
    getpwnam()          getpwuid()          getuid()            kill()
    link()              lseek()             mkdir()             mkfifo()
    open()              opendir()           pause()             pipe()
    read()              readdir()           rewinddir()         rmdir()
    setgid()            setpgid()           setsid()            setuid()
    sigaction()         sigaddset()         sigemptyset()       sigfillset()
    sigismember()       siglongjmp()        sigpending()        sigprocmask()
    sigsetjmp()         sigsuspend()        sleep()             stat()
    sysconf()           tcdrain()           tcflow()            tcflush()
    tcgetattr()         tcgetpgrp()         tcsendbreak()       tcsetattr()
    tcsetpgrp()         times()             ttyname()           tzset()
    umask()             uname()             unlink()            utime()
    wait()              waitpid()           write()
    Standard functions added by the draft C++ standard
    terminate()         unexpected()
    Standard C keywords and operators defined by ANSI (ISO/IEC 9899:1990)
    !                   !=                  %                   %=
    &                   &&                  &=                  ()
    *                   *=                  +                   ++
    +=                  ,                   -                   --
    -=                  ->                  .                   /
    /=                  <                   <<                  <<=
    >                   >>                  >>=                 ?:
    []                  ^                   ^=                  |
    |=                  ||                  ~                   auto
    break               case                char                const
    continue            default             do                  double
    else                enum                extern              float
    for                 goto                if                  int
    long                register            return              short
    signed              sizeof              static              struct
    switch              typedef             union               unsigned
    void                volatile            while
    Standard C preprocessor instructions defined by ANSI (ISO/IEC 9899:1990)
    #                   ##                  #define             #elif
    #else               #endif              #error              #if
    #if !defined        #if defined         #ifdef              #ifndef
    #include            #line               #pragma             #undef
    __DATE__            __FILE__            __LINE__            __STDC__
    [Lots more...]

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    I use a help file that came with my compiler all the time. It contains all the ANSI functions plus others that come with Lcc-Win32. There is the C Reference card you can print at for ANSI C information.

    - Sean
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    my libc (djgpp) comes with a refrence doc of all functions it provides.
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    This is about as good as it gets at no cost with ISO C.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Thanks guys, that helps a lot.

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