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    Question Homework help?

    I could not find these in my book, internet or the MSDN library?
    Can anyone help me?

    Q1. When a arry name is passed as an argument to a function, a pointer to the 1st element is passed to the function?

    a. T
    b. F
    I said T because you need to have a pointer to that array name, correct?

    Q2: A recursive () must have 2 properties: a limiting case that ends the sequence of recursions and each recursive call must get a little closer to the limiting case.

    a. T
    b. F

    can anyone explain these any further...
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    Question 1 is true because arrays degrade to pointers to the first element when passed as formal parameters to a function.

    Question 2 is true because each recursion has to take you a bit closer to solving the problem and you have to know when to stop.

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    Actually, a recursive function doesn't have to have both properties as far as the C language is concerned.

    As far as C cares, you are perfectly find with creating, compiling and executing something like:

    void myfun( void ) { myfun( ); }

    It'll compile without warning or error. It's recursive.

    I suppose technicly it does have a limiting factor. It's called stack space.

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