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    I am sorry to ask this it must be a simple question but I know that there is visual C++ and Visual Basic so...

    1. Is there a Visual C?
    2. How different are the languages between normal and visual?
    [I tried VB and then just B(only looked at them)and they
    seemed to be somewhat different]
    3. How easy is it to draw things with code i.e. make a sqare by telling the compter where to draw things and how large to make them and so on.


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    1)No, but you can compile C code with the visual C++ compiler

    2)Visual C++ is not a language. The code you type- like int main() - is C++. The term Visual is the name of the compiler line.

    B is an extremely old, dead programming language. The full name of VB is Visual Basic. Look up basic, and you will see a language that is similar to VB, but deals with text mode apps on any OS, not Windows specifically.

    3)Depends on the OS and graphics library. C++ and C do not have graphics in the library- they dont care if the computer attached to them has a screen, keyboard, video card, sound card, or not. They work perfectly well if its an embedded processor in a microwave. Thats its strength.

    An OS or a graphics library includes a set of functions for drawing to the screen. Which one(s) you use determines the answer to this question.

    Im assuming you run windows, and wish to use either the GDI or DirectX. DirectX is a bit complicated, as its meant for high intensity graphics. The GDI is fairly simple, but doesn't draw as quickly or as well. You'd need to pick one to learn.

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    Ok, so what do I do, learn dirext x code(if there is any)and if I do that or lets say make a graphic, how do I put it together with my C/C++ code and have it respond to things that I do?
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