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    I am trying to run execl from a child process. it runs another program I wrote called producer, which takes two parameters: a single char and an int. the producer program is in the same directory as the parent. here is what I have:

    if(fork() == 0){
    if((execl("./producer", "producer", 'A', 0, NULL)) == -1){
    perror("execl failed");

    there are actually two producers, A and B, and when I run the program, I get these error messages:

    execl producer A failed: bad address
    execl producer B failed: bad address


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    All the args should be const char *'s

    'A' is an integer, which when cast to a pointer will be something like 0x00000041 (this isn't good).

    if((execl("./producer", "producer", "A", "0", NULL)) == -1){

    In your producer, which has
    int main ( int argc, char *argv[] ).....
    argv[0] == "producer"
    argv[1] == "A"
    argv[2] == "0"
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