Thread: Structures and Ptr->next

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    Structures and Ptr->next

    I have the following code that outputs a consistent address for the Head Pointer, but it also outputs a consistent address for the Ptr. The Ptr->next actually points to a new address each time, but for some reason, the BPtr = BPtr->next won't reassign it.

    This is part of a program that reads from a .dat file to assign members of a structure.

    Could someone please look at this and see what I've done incorrectly?



    BHead = (BOOKPTR)(malloc(sizeof(struct Book)));
    BPtr = BHead;

    while ( fgets(buffer, sizeof(buffer), Ptrbook) != NULL)
    { /*open while*/
    char *num = strtok(buffer, "\t");
    char *name = strtok(NULL, "\t");
    char *author = strtok(NULL, "\t");
    char *pub = strtok(NULL, "\n");

    if (buffer != NULL)
    BPtr->Number = num;
    BPtr->Title = name;
    BPtr->Author = author;
    BPtr->Publisher = pub;
    BPtr->next = (BOOKPTR)malloc(sizeof(struct Book));
    printf("%x\n%X\nNumber: %s\nTitle: %s\nAuthor: %s\n%X\n",
    &BHead, &BPtr, BPtr->Number, BPtr->Title, BPtr->Author,
    BPtr = BPtr->next;

    } /*close if buffer*/
    } /*close while*/


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    Just check BOOKPTR is declared as

    typedef struct Book *BOOKPTR;
    Also check whether BHEAD is declared properly???

    Try changing the compiler !!!!! Just give it a try .

    I think everything else is OK.
    Be HAPPY

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    When you copy a string you need to use strcpy rather than assignment. Seems like you are using so many pointers that you might want to create an array of them. I've build simpler linked lists.
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