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    read a file

    I write a small C program to open a file, and read each line of it.
    But how can I remove the "0x0D0A" at the end of each line?
    here is my code:

    while ( fgets(line, MAXCHARS, fp) != NULL)
    printf("line: %s", line);

    Indeed, I want to check each line and compare its value..
    if (line == "my str")


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    If the string you want to remove is a part of the file and not some corrupted value then you can use strstr() to find and remove it. To compare each string you will need to use strcmp, == will compare the addresses of each string, not the contents.
    if (!strcmp (line, "my str"))

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    Hi Crimpy

    Thanks for your reply.

    In my text file, it contains
    hello world
    good morning hello world

    say, if I want to find out the line number which exactly contains the word 'hello', what should I do in this case?

    I tried:
    if (line == "hello")

    but it is not working.
    Using fucntion strcmp would return all the 3 lines

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    oh..i got it
    i tried strncmp
    and it works for me..

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    The problem is that fgets() puts the newline character in the array. To remove is, do something like this:

    >if (line[strlen(line)-1] == '\n') line[strlen(line)-1] = '\0';
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