Thread: Can anyone help me make sense from this?

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    Question Can anyone help me make sense from this?

    I have copied some code from the book to complie. Anyway, i am trying to copy this code that must use the function call void shift(&c1,&c2,&c3,&c4,&c5);. The function should shift letters ABCDE next BCDEA...etc...etc....

    This is what i had copied so far
    int main()
    void shift(char *p1, char *p2, char *p3, char *p4, char *p5);
    void shift(&c1,&c2,&c3,&c4,&c5);
    return 0;
    void shift(char *p1, char *p2, char *p3, char *p4, char *p5)
        #define c1 ='A', c2 ='B', c3 ='C', c4 ='D', c5 ='E'
        #define END_INDEX 4
        int iCurrentShift = 0, iCurrentCharIndex = 0 ;
        char cFirstLetter ; 
        for( iCurrentShift = 1 ; iCurrentShift <= iShiftCnt ; iCurrentShift++) 
            cFirstLetter = letter[ 0 ];  /* save the first as we're moving something in there */
            for( iCurrentCharIndex = BEGIN_INDEX ;  /*if BEGIN_INDEX = 0 & its equal to currentcharindex then goto next statement*/
                    iCurrentCharIndex <= END_INDEX - 1;
                letter[ iCurrentCharIndex ] = letter[ iCurrentCharIndex + 1];
            } /* end for icurrentcharindex */
            letter[END_INDEX ] = cFirstLetter ;
        } /* end for icurrentshift */
    } /* end function */
    what have i done wrong?
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    void shift(char *p1, char *p2, char *p3, char *p4, char *p5);
    The are declarations so they go be for the main function.

    void shift(&c1,&c2,&c3,&c4,&c5);

    DO NOT use the void part when calling the function just do this "shift(&c1,&c2,&c3,&c4,&c5);"

    void shift(char *p1, char *p2, char *p3, char *p4, char *p5)
        #define c1 ='A', c2 ='B', c3 ='C', c4 ='D', c5 ='E' 
    This is a definition they may go before or after the main function (simple programs). If they go after you need a declaration before the main func.


    Just noticed something else, in the definition of shift, you have #define c1='A'... this is wrong, delete that, and in the main function add this line

    char c1='A', c2='B', c3 ='C', c4 ='D', c5 ='E' ;

    Then move the other #define's to the start of the program normally just after the #include's

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