Thread: Menu System using switch and case.

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    Menu System using switch and case.

    when you guys want to generate a console based menu system, would you always use "case" statements ? doesnt anybody use "if" statements for menu's ? i made some with "if" statements, and i am wondering if i should stop doing so incase its a bad inefficient non standard way of generating menus.

    thanx in advance..

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    well, i was usings if's but then changed to cas statements. i don't know about efficiency or similar topics (but i don't think the one is more efficient than the other). i just feel that case statements make the code more readable.


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    I think it depends on what suits your needs. Both switch and if statements are good in their own right.

    There was a discussion here where I showed an example of using structs and functions pointers to build a menu, display it and access the users choice. I thought it fitted well in the app I was writing, because it allowed for sub-menus nice and easily. But the code is over complicated if all you want to do is display one simple menu.

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    I never use if statements for building menu's, but that my personal choice.
    Normally I use the switch statement or, if the menu's are getting too large, array's of menu items (something like Hammer's example).

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