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    need your help

    im trying to figure out what this means. its problably not compliated at all but my c programming is a little rusty.

    bind(sockfd, (struct sockaddr *)&my_addr, sizeof(struct sockaddr));

    ok i get lost at the (srtruct sockaddr *)&my_addr
    whats that * doing is it pointing to something. just explain that one bit of code to me. thanks.
    peace out

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    It's a type cast. The line:

    (srtruct sockaddr *)&my_addr


    "The address of variable 'my_addr', is a pointer of type 'struct sockaddr'."

    If you aren't sure what a type cast is, it's when you tell one variable type that it's actually another one.

    I believe here, your sturcture is 'struct sockaddr_in' or something similar, and you're telling the function that it is just a 'sockaddr' structure.

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